Jackson Jenkins Renstrom LLP ("JJR") was founded by attorneys from two nationally known Litigation firms in two of America's most litigious venues: California and Texas. Forged from these battlegrounds, JJR has emerged as the preeminent law firm in complex civil litigation


The firm principals are nationally recognized experts in the defense of asbestos, petrochemical, construction defect and multiple toxic tort cases and have represented both corporate and individual clients for over 30 years. Together, senior partners Gabriel Jackson and Peter Renstrom have appeared regularly at national seminars aimed at training lawyers on the best practices in defense of these suits. The vast experience of our Council affords us the ability to move quickly in protecting against the risk of future litigation.


From internationally known companies to local businesses and individuals, JJR's clients are the single most essential link in the successful realization of our goals. We do this by keeping first and foremost our most important promise: we deliver on our clients' goals set out before the onset of litigation. At JJR, we take very seriously our hard charge of protecting our clients' interests at every stage of the case or matter. We are able to strike that delicate balance between effectuating our clients' goals without sacrificing established principles. This is not just known by our clients but by our opponents and judges as well. It is in the core of who we are and what we bring to every situation.

Communication is a key ingrediant of our success. By keeping an open dialogue with our clients, we are able to not only know what they want and when they want it, but we are also able to keep our lcients informed of the what, where and when of their case 24 hours a day, 7 days a wekk. Although it sounds simple, it is what sets us apart from other law firms.


No lawsuit is the same. No client is the same. We recognize that each client comes with their own values about defining a positive result.

At JJR, we have a radical philosophy when it comes to representing our clients: we listen to them. Our clients are not some detached third-party: they are the central player on our team. For us, there is no other way. JJR has over 20 attorneys in three offices working in eight key practice areas. With partners and associate level staffing, our clients are essential in establishing both short and long-term protocols for success, whether they are in a fortune 500 corporation or a family in need of help.

With focused goals at the outset, our partners and associates keep our clients informed of all options every step of the way, which allows us to effectively align our clients' business objectives to our legal strategies. That is what every client is looking for and that is what every client deserves: clear and concise analysis of their legal options in real time so they can make an informed decision from a position of confidence and strength.

The core philosophy at JJR is this: a client's goal is our goal and our job is not done until that goal is achieved.

Again, it may sound simple, but that is how we get things done.